A change of direction

I couldn't live without these!

I’ve been doing lots of thinking about things lately. Well, not all the things, just sewing and blogging things. Little Squish started because I loved making clothes for my girls, and I wanted to make things for other people’s children too. Then I started blogging, which has been awesome, and I’ve done the odd tutorial for Love Sewing, also awesome. It means that lately I’ve spent more time writing than sewing really, so as result my Etsy store is pretty empty and my Facebook page is not as interesting as I’d like it be (although I do have some wonderful loyal followers)!

I’ve been doing a really cool business course for a few months now (which has a free class if you’re interested) with the Business Bakery and it’s got me thinking about all these things that you don’t necessarily consider when you decide to start your business. For me, the biggest thing has been realising that although I love what I make, it doesn’t have a USP. There are a lot of people out there making children’s clothes. I think when you’re a really small business, you definitely need something to set you apart from the rest, something unique.

Mug and notebooks

All the ideas I’ve had swimming about for a while in my head seem to have suddenly come together this week and are making sense! I’m going to take a bit of time out from listing anything on Etsy or posting things on Facebook and focus on getting a brand new range together. It’s something I’m ridiculously excited about and I can’t wait to share it with you all. (I mean, even if you’re just here for the sewing-related chat, I’d still like your feedback!). If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll definitely see some photos of my progress.

The only hint I’ll give you is that lately I’ve been sick of gender-stereotyping in children’s clothing. My eldest loves dinosaurs, for example, but we never find anything with them on for her, hence the creation of this skirt. However, I’m taking that idea a bit further this time and creating some really eye-catching stuff 🙂

Close up of machine

Once I’ve got my stuff together, I’ll be having an official relaunch with competitions and cake* and everything! In the meantime I’ll obviously still be blogging my other sewing so it’ll be business as usual here 🙂 Eeeek, I’m all excited now!

(*Ok, that’s a slight lie, but you’re welcome to eat your own cake whilst entering any competitions!)

Give me three words to describe the kinds of clothes you’d buy for a child!


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2 comments on “A change of direction
  1. You really want three words? Like here? Well, I cannot think of three words, but I can give you three criteria:

    * bright, sane, and most of all gender neutral colours
    * with a motif they can relate to (like “the crocodile T-shirt” or the “star-trousers”)
    * practical (the right amount and kind of pockets, give the impression of being thought through,…)

    I bought and buy quite a lot of the twin’s clothes handmade. They have and had a pile of handmade T-shirts, trousers, pj’s, winter/snow overalls, and accessories like hair-stuff, and most of the time I let them look at the pictures and let them have a say, too.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Toria Toria says:

    That’s great Hilke, it sounds like we’re thinking along the same lines!

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