A New Skirt!

Hey everyone, sorry for the long(ish) silence. I really had no idea how hard it would be to entertain two squishes throughout the summer holidays and still try to find any time to sew/blog. Plus it was Phoebe’s first birthday last week so it’s been pretty busy here.

We had this yummy cake:

Rainbow cake

I also made her a nice new dress for our day out. You know how I love a peasant dress!

Phoebe's dress

Do you remember the boxes of stuff that were my Grandma’s? Well I’ve still not had chance to go through the patterns, but I did manage a bit of a sort out of the box of fabric. There was some great stuff in there: some beautiful white broderie anglaise that I’ll make something for the squishes with; a pair of curtains that will make a pretty cool dress or couple of skirts for me; some more fabric for me; and a few pillowcases that are halfway through being turned into nighties for Eleanor:

Vintage pillowcases

All I need now is a good chunk of time to actually get some stuff done! Still, only a week left of the holidays and normality (such as it is) will be restored. Don’t get wrong, it’s lovely having them both at home, but I’m definitely a creature of habit, I like my routines! Just as well, I have a BIG list of things I want to do. Including the Ruby dress from issue 4 of Love Sewing in this awesome fabric:

Sailboat fabric

I’m hoping to get it done for next weekend, as I’m going out, for once! I’ve also started buying Christmas fabric and have a list of things I want to start doing very soon to get myself organised.

I have actually sewn something to show you though, hurrah! I was inspired to buy some awesome typewriter fabric by Roisin AKA Dolly Clackett, I say inspired; she bought it and I copied her lol. It is cool though and I thought it’d make a great skirt. I decided to make the Delphine skirt from Love At First Stitch because I love the shape of it and this fabric is an ideal weight for it. Now last time I tried an invisible zip (for my Clemence skirt) it was not a success. At all. It’s silly but I’ve had a real fear of trying to sew zips, so I’ve avoided it at all costs. Messing up my first attempt didn’t exactly help, but I decided it was high time I started doing them. When I made the Clemence skirt I was half asleep, so it was never going to end well really. After having another look at it, I realised what I’d done was sewn the zip on inside out, which is why my stitches were on the outside. Duh! Now I know what I did wrong, that skirt is in my to do pile, and it’ll be fixed soon!

So, Delphine…. I really enjoyed making this skirt. The pattern is really simple; I managed to get it done in no time at all one evening whilst watching TV, so nothing to really say about that except that Tilly’s instructions are very good. How awesome is this?


I read the invisible zip instructions properly this time and had no trouble inserting it. Look!

Delphine zip

Ok, so it’s not completely invisible, but hey, it’s a start. You might be able to see on this picture that the top of the skirt doesn’t look like it lines up properly. I can assure you it did, and everything was looking awesome and then boom, the damn zip broke! I could have cried, especially as I’d made the skirt specifically to wear the next day to a family BBQ. I’m not sure why that happened, just a dodgy zip I guess, but now my poor skirt is awaiting a zip replacement. This seemed to make my parents laugh quite a bit, cruel sense of humour that they share. Luckily, I’d bought a few zips when we went to the Rag Market, so it’s no problem to sort out. I’m hoping to get both skirts sorted this weekend and then I’ll be able to do a proper picture of what the Delphine looks like on.

A couple of the fabrics I found in the box of my Grandma’s are destined to become Delphines I think. It’s just a really nice, flattering style of skirt. I’m absolutely sick to death of wearing jeans, I really don’t think they suit me at all anymore, so it’s time for a wardrobe overhaul which will include lots of pretty skirts!

Ooh, in other news, I’ve joined Instagram! It’ll mostly be pictures of sewing-related stuff, but there’ll be a few other pictures thrown in too I’m sure.

So…. what do you think of my Delphine? Have you ever finished something and had a total zip fail too?!

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2 comments on “A New Skirt!
  1. Love the fabric and you have inspired me to dig out my “Tilly” book and sew something for myself for a change.
    Thanks x

  2. Toria Toria says:

    Thank you! Yes, I do find that I don’t always find enough time to sew for myself. I’d love to see what you’ve made!

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