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Arm and Finger Knitting is the latest book by the very talented Laura Strutt of Made Peachy, one of my favourite blogs. I’m pretty sure that there’s no craft Laura can’t do!

I was very excited to asked to be a part of this blog tour; I’ll be honest, I’d never even heard of arm or finger knitting before this book was published. I was a bit worried that my lack of knitting  ability would hold me back and I wouldn’t understand what to do, but I needn’t have worried.

The first section of the book has step-by-step photographs to show you how to arm knit, finger knit, do some fancy stitches and finish off your work. I did do a quick YouTube search for a video to check I was doing the right thing, but the instructions in the book are great (although maybe a QR code linking to a quick video would make it even better?).

Knitting in progress

I decided to have a go at the arm knitting first, with the intention of making myself a quick scarf. Although what I’m doing in the photo above might look a little complicated, I promise you that once you’ve gotten your head around it, it’s easy peasy. It took me a couple of attempts, but I can now do that without too much thinking about it. See, I made a scarf!

Me in scarf

I used a textile yarn for this, which I didn’t even know existed until last week.

What I love most about this book is that once you’ve mastered the basic stitches, there are so many projects you can make and it’s such a confidence boost to try something new and have a finished product in a couple of hours. Also, there are a good mix of projects to wear and for the home, so there’s definitely something for everyone. None of the projects take longer than an afternoon to complete, and most are quicker, so it’s a nice craft to do when you’ve only got a bit of time but just want to unwind. When I posted a picture of my knitting in progress on Facebook, I was asked what you’d do if you needed a break; Laura has thought of that, and there’s a little section about popping your knitting onto a belt to keep your stitches in place!

Here are a couple of my favourite projects that’ll I’ll be doing soon:

Storage baskets

Storage baskets

Travel blanket with pouch

Travel blanket with pouch



Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink

Once I’d knitted my first scarf I was hooked. I made a pink scarf the next evening and used my leftover bits of yarn to quickly finger knit a couple of bracelets (another project in the book). The big squish was taken by these, so I’m going to knit her some and a necklace too. She loves jewellery at the moment, so these are perfect.



I would certainly recommend Arm and Finger Knitting to anyone, whether they can knit with needles or not. The instructions are clear and easy to understand, the photographs throughout the book are gorgeous and the projects are really well-designed. I’m definitely going to be working my way through quite a few of the projects throughout the year and gifting quite a few too.

Lovely yarn... A new obsession may have begun!

Lovely yarn… A new obsession may have begun!

Have you ever had a go at arm and finger knitting? Tell me about it… better still, share a photo!


I would like to thank Laura Strutt and the team at CICO Books for providing my copy of Arm and Finger Knitting. Although I received my copy for free, all opinions in this post are my own.

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2 comments on “Arm and Finger Knitting Blog Tour
  1. WOW! Look how much you’ve made already! You have the Arm Knitting Bug! x

  2. Toria Toria says:

    I certainly do, its great fun! I think a lot of people will be receiving scarves this year lol x

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