This post has been a long time coming, and I’ve been putting it off since before Christmas really. Here’s the short version:

Little Squish will be taking an extended break in 2016 and I’m not sure when I’ll be back.

Here’s the longer version:

2015 was an amazing year for Little Squish, the highlights included:

  • Learning to screen-print and designing some super cool unisex t-shirts;
  • Winning a WOW award from Jacqueline Gold;
  • Winning a Queen Of award from Aqua Design Group (I’m Queen of unisex children’s clothing don’t you know?!)
  • Working with Junior Style London
  • Being featured in a local magazine and newspaper
  • Having tutorials in Love Sewing magazine
  • Partnering up with two online retailers
  • Partnering up with Jurnie, a fab bricks and mortar store!

If you’re a regular follower here or on social media, you’ll know that I also took on running a local Etsy group which then led to finding business premises for 2016. The purpose of this was to not only have somewhere to work, but to also provide creative space for my Etsy group. We found a beautiful rural location, announced it to the world and then, as is often the way, it all fell to pieces. Both the landlord and the letting agent were not up front about various extra charges and, to cut a long story short, it fell through. I was devastated. Not only for myself, but for the group I feel I let down. Within a week of that, I also had to rebrand Little Squish for reasons I’d rather not go into, but let’s just say it was unexpected.

I started having mild panic attacks and feeling unable to cope with everyday life in all honesty. Not good when you’re an at home parent to two small children and you also have the added pressure of being Managing Director for the company that brings in your family’s main source of income (not Little Squish!).

The timing was bad, I was gearing up for the festive season and hadn’t long gotten my products into a great local children’s boutique. Something had to give though, I decided to temporarily close Little Squish and focus on my family.

I won’t lie. I enjoyed the break and I needed it. I was also overwhelmed by how many of you took the time to email me and ask how I was, it means a lot and I must have been doing something right! I decided to move my sewing blog away from this website and set up a separate blog and I spent some time selfishly sewing for myself and I even learnt to knit.

I thought long and hard about the future of Little Squish; I originally had so many plans for 206. In the end, I decided to continue to put Little Squish on hold and focus on myself and my family. It’s definitely not goodbye, more “see you soon”. I have no firm plans for when I’ll be back, and I’m ok with that.

In the meantime, if you’d like to see what I’ve been up to, my sewing blog is now


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