Another award!

Did you see that Jacqueline Gold named me #WOW winner a week ago? Such a compliment! Well, I’ve only gone and got myself another award via Twitter. This one really did make me smile… you may all bow down to me, for I am…

Little Squish Queen of Unisex Children's Clothes

#QueenOf is run by Aqua Design Group every Thursday on Twitter; it’s the same deal as with the #WOW award, you tweet some info about your business and if you’re chosen you get a shiny badge for your website. Plus you get plenty of retweets, access to a business forum and lots of support from previous winners. Actually the sense of community I’ve had on Twitter since both wins has been amazing, so thank you to everyone who has been in touch.

I’m quite tempted to sew myself a crown now, but that would be silly… wouldn’t it?


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2 comments on “Another award!
  1. Nah, not silly! Looking forward to seeing your crown… HUGE congrats! Xx

  2. Toria Toria says:

    Thank you!

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