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Have you read Craft a Creative Business yet? If you’re remotely interested in turning a love of craft into a viable business, you really should. I had this book as a Christmas gift and I’ve spent the last couple of months poring over it and putting the advice into practise (which you may have noticed if you’re an Instagram follower), so I thought it as about time I shared my opinion of it with you all.


The book is written by Fiona Pullen, best known for The Sewing Directory which is in its 5th year – so she knows a thing or two about running a successful crafty business.

This book would be useful whether your business is already up and running, or if it is just an idea in your head. Fiona runs through everything you need to know, from general advice on self-employment, legal matters, social media and to the nitty gritty of selling, both on and offline.

The books is split into chapters that make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, so it’s not the kind of book you’d have to sit and read all in one go (although I did!). It’s easy to dip in and out of and find exactly what you’re looking for. I like Fiona’s style of writing; it’s not full of jargon, more like having a chat with a knowledgeable friend. There are also tips from other successful creative business owners too. Each section has activities to follow, space for your own notes and a list of useful links. I found the links for stock photography really useful, I’d recommend checking those out!

I’ve particularly found the SEO information in the selling online chapter invaluable. Whilst I’m pretty tech-savvy (and Andy works in IT consultancy), SEO is something that went over my head, and just seemed utterly dull. Of course, if you want to get yourself noticed online you can’t exactly ignore it, and there are plenty of people out there prepared to take your money to do it for you. I’ve followed Fiona’s advice closely and, whilst I still think SEO is duller than unbuttered toast, I’ve seen an increase in traffic to my site already and the stats I’m getting back through Google are really useful. It’s also spurred me on to do a few re-writes of different pages that I was putting off and get my image files all sorted out properly. So this book is worth it just for this chapter alone!

The book also has an accompanying website which is worth checking out even if you don’t have a copy of the book.

Have you read any great books about running a creative business?


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