Fancy a brew?

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When you craft, particularly as a business, you can find it a bit lacking in chat sometimes, right? Sometimes you just want to chat to someone who knows what you’re talking about, and whilst Facebook and friends are good for getting chatty, sometimes somewhere a little more private is in order.

If you’re nodding, then Creative Brew is the place for you my friend! A forum filled with like-minded crafty people – a place to chat, make contacts, swap craft supplies or have the odd rant. I’ve been using it since January, and it’d be lovely to see some new faces (or some old ones rejoin us!). Unsurprisingly, my user name is LittleSquish, so I’ll be easy enough to find if you fancy a chat. I’ve just been promoted to admin with special magic powers too (ok, not really magic, and I don’t even get a cape!) so give me a nudge if you need any help with anything 🙂

Creative Brew Photocraft Little Squish 2

Speak to you soon!


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2 comments on “Fancy a brew?
  1. Avatar Amber says:

    Congrats on being promoted to admin! I haven’t been on Creative Brew for ages…I must get back on there soon! 🙂
    Amber at Bumble and Boo x

  2. Toria Toria says:

    Hi Amber, yes come back and chat! I think it’s going to really get going again, especially now school has started again. We had quite a few new members yesterday already 🙂

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