Girl Power!

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this post has something to do with the Spice Girls given the title, but rest assured it’s not. To be honest, I was never a fan (unlike my brother, who would never admit it now!). Nope, today I’m all about the superheroes!



I bought this truly awesome fabric quite some time ago. I’m part of a few fabric co-op groups on Facebook and couldn’t resist this when I saw it; I thought it would make the best dress ever! However, it took a couple of months to turn up and then the lady in charge of the group only had 2 yards for me when I’d ordered 3. (I also thought it had been ordered in metres, not yards, so that annoyed me too). Suffice to say, I wasn’t the happiest of bunnies so when the fabric eventually turned up in the post, I felt a bit cross with it, pre-washed it and stuffed it into the cupboard.

You may have noticed that lately I’ve hardly done any sewing for myself; it’s a combination of being busy and kind of losing my enthusiasm a bit. However, I decided that after a week or so of feeling really fed up, I needed something new to cheer myself up so it was time to get the sewing machine out. I’ve got over my annoyance about the missing yard of this fabric (almost) and decided that maybe I’d get more wear out of a skirt in this than a dress anyway; it’ll certainly go with any colour t-shirt!

As I just wanted a quick sewing fix, I decided to make a skirt with a flat front waistband but an elasticated back. Easier than putting in a zip and as I’m also not happy about my current weight, it’ll still fit me when I manage to lose a few pounds (ok, quite a few). I’ve made a couple of elasticated skirts for myself before; the retro sweetie skirt and the Photocraft skirt, but I prefer the look of the flat waistband around the front. It’s more flattering and looks better if you’ve tucked a top into it.

Little Squish Girl Power Skirt Handmade Wardrobe

This was a really quick sew; just two large rectangles for the skirt, and two rectangles for the waistband (one shorter than the other). The part that took the longest was actually threading the elastic through. It was all going so well until the safety pin I’d attached to the elastic came undone inside the casing (which of course I’d sewn up at one end) and I just couldn’t do it up again. It ended up taking me about half an hour to finish threading it through as I had to do it a bit at a time with the safety pin undone. Ugh. I stabbed myself more times than I cared to count.

I do love simple skirts like this, they’re easy to dress down for the day time and I could dress them up with heels and stuff (not that I ever go out any more, but you never know). I was wearing it today with these super bright pink shoes I just bought on eBay for about £2; I love them together!

Little Squish Girl Power Skirt Pink Shoes Handmade Wardrobe

I’m definitely going to go through my fabric stash and make a few more of these, both for myself and my girls. There’s even a bit of this fabric left over that’s enough to make Eleanor a skirt too. Although I doubt we’ll be wearing them at the same time unless we’re going to Comic Con, it’d be a bit much!

What’s your favourite quick sewing fix pattern?


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