Handmade Wardrobe Challenge: July

I’m starting to think that, so far, my Handmade Wardrobe Challenge is not going to plan. I had hoped by now that I’d have made a few pieces I love and can’t wait to wear. Hmm… not so much. Unfortunately July is a similar story, but hey, who wants to read about someone who does everything perfectly?

You can’t have failed to notice that July has been a bit of a scorcher, so when the latest issue of Love Sewing landed, I decided I’d make the tunic proudly featured on the cover. Seemed like a quick and easy project and a basic kind of garment I’d get a fair bit of wear out of, at least for a month or so. I liked the fabric they’d chosen for the version in the magazine, but decided I’d keep it cheap and cheerful by using a plain cotton; I chose this lovely sunshine yellow, mostly because I thought it’d look ok with my jeans, or with leggings.

The pattern itself consisted of only a few pieces, so it was a quick one to cut out, but that’s where any enthusiasm I could muster for this project fades. In all honesty I found this to be not worth the time it took me at all.

So, the first time I sewed the shoulders together, I used the wrong needle. I’d forgotten to change it and it was too fine, so the stitches weren’t secure at all. It was an annoyance to unpick it all, but hey, that’s my fault entirely. It happens. Once I started again, properly, I found that the tutorial in the magazine wasn’t very good at all. I feel bad saying that, but it really annoyed me! Firstly, why on earth aren’t the instructions next to the photo they’re talking about? I also think the instructions on how to cut it out where a bit unnecessary, the focus should have been on the sewing together. I’m obviously not a complete novice (although I am new to adult clothing), and the photos were unclear in my opinion. I asked Andy what he thought, in case it was just me being stupid, but he agreed.

Still, I carried out and this is how it turned out…


Yes, it really is as shapeless as it looks. Sigh.

Yes, it really is as shapeless as it looks. Sigh.

Now I know a tunic is meant to be loose fitting; that was part of the appeal as I feel like a beached whale lately, but this looks so awful on it’s never leaving the house. You’ll notice I haven’t finished the sleeves or hem. This was partly because it was lunchtime, so time to clear my stuff off the dining table, but mostly because I just didn’t care any more. I found the interfacing around the neckline such an absolute faff with the instructions/photos provided, I really started to lose my temper with it. I’d cut everything out exactly like the pattern and yet somehow it just didn’t fit properly, it was a little too big. The notch detail was another disaster. I mean, just look at it:

Looks awful doesn't it?!

Looks awful doesn’t it?!

If you look closely, you’ll see some interfacing sticking out. No matter how much I press it, that bit will not turn in any more or lie flat. Argh!! Maybe some hand stitches will sort it out? Who knows, I’m past caring! I will finish it, possibly with bias binding out of laziness, but I’ll only every wear it around the house. Not a flattering garment for anyone with any curves at all.

I feel bad to be so negative about this, but I wish I’d put my sewing time to better use. After moaning to Andy that it’s obviously me and I can’t do anything right, he pointed out that I just haven’t found something I enjoy making for myself yet, but I will. He’s right, I need to also think of what actually suits me, rather than making something because it’s quick. I think for my August makes, it’ll be back to a pattern from Love At First Stitch. Of course, it is the summer holidays, so who know when I’ll get chance!

Have you made this tunic? Do you like it?! Any suggestions for new patterns for me to have a look at?

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