Handmade Wardrobe Challenge: June update

Wow, where did June go?! I feel like I blinked and missed it. June hasn’t been the most productive sewing month for me really, if you’ve seen my post about closing my order book then you’ll know why. It’s not all doom and gloom here though, I have managed to sew myself a pretty awesome skirt (and a bag, but that’s in my post about Sewing Bee Sunday).

As you’ll have noticed, I’m pretty taken with my Love At First Stitch book; it’s bordering on obsession, I’m forever seeing fabrics and thinking “Ooh that’d be perfect for a Delphine skirt…” etc. If I had a dedicated space to my sewing, I’m pretty sure I’d have made everything from this book about 3 times over already. But I don’t, (insert sad face here) so I’m just sewing up things when I get chance to.

In the middle of June, I was supposed to be going for afternoon tea with my closest friends for yet another 30th birthday celebration (it’s definitely the year of partying for us 1984 babies!) and it’s also Andy’s birthday (hubby) on 25th June, which quite frankly is the best birthday a person could have being exactly six months until Christmas. So yeah, a month of actually getting out a socialising. This meant I definitely needed something new to wear, and my first thought was to make one of the dresses from Love At First Stitch. Then I wimped out. (Remember, I’m pretty new to making adult sized clothes!) I talked myself out of it because I wouldn’t have enough time mostly, but to be honest I was kind of scared of trying and potentially getting it wrong. Which is silly. I mean, it’s sewing, it’s not endangering anyone’s life if I screw it up! So I decided to go for the Clemence skirt because although I’ve not done an invisible zip before, the rest was nothing new for me.

Of course, making something new and pretty requires new and pretty fabric, which is never a bad thing. I wanted something a bit quirky, with quite a large print as I think this style of skirt is perfect for showing off an interesting design. I almost bought a fabric that looked like a map of the world, which I definitely will get for something else, but then I saw this and just thought it was awesome. Plus it said “Victoria Louise Designs” on the selvage so it was meant to be!


The biggest squish was not so impressed: “I don’t want that fabric mummy. That’s not so nice.” Still, you can’t please everyone.

Drafting out the pattern and putting the skirt together was absolutely no problem at all. However, the zip was no fun at all. Tilly’s tutorial seems clear enough, but I just wasn’t getting my head around it at all. I guess this is what comes of trying to sew a skirt together at 8am after about 5 hours of sleep and a 5am wake up call. Here’s the finished skirt anyway, what do you think?

Finished skirt

I still absolutely love this fabric and it goes really well with a red t-shirt I’ve got and a pair of blue/white striped ballet pumps.


You’ll notice I’ve not taken a photo of the zip. Yeah, I kind of screwed that up. I don’t know how I’ve managed it but I have some serious wonky stitching either side of it on the right side of the fabric. Fail. I’m looking on the bright side though: the zip works, it’s in the right place and the colour of the stitching is a pretty close match to the fabric itself, so you’d have to be very up close and personal to even notice.

I will definitely be making more of these skirts, it’s a style I really like and it gives me chance to use some really crazy prints too. I’ll definitely pay more attention to the zip next time though!

What have you been making for yourself this month?

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2 comments on “Handmade Wardrobe Challenge: June update
  1. Avatar Zara says:

    This skirt looks awesome! I think you chose a great fabric and the bits you chose for the different parts of the skirt look good (can you tell I’m not a seamstress?) 😀

    Feel better soon and I hope littlest squish learns to sleep better!xx

  2. Toria Toria says:

    Thanks Zara! Yes, hoping she starts to sleep better soon too, but I don’t think she will until the sun isn’t rising so early :-/

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