Handmade Wardrobe Challenge: May Update

My handmade wardrobe challenge continues…

Yes, I know it’s June. I meant to post this a few days ago, but it was the Big Squish’s third birthday on Saturday so it’s been a manic few days here. I’m happy to report she loved her train set and day at the zoo 🙂

I love pyjamas. I mean, I really love them. I’m not one of these people that goes shopping in then or anything, but I could certainly hang around at home in them quite happily most of the time. So I couldn’t wait to get started on the Margot pyjamas in Tilly’s book.

Amazingly, I didn’t really have any fabric I fancied for something for myself; the perfect excuse for fabric shopping, hurrah! The squishes, my mum and I all went into Birmingham to one of my favourite fabric shops, Barry’s (which I’ll tell you all about another time, it’s awesome). I couldn’t resist this really cute cotton print… Look, it has cotton reels all over it!

How adorable is this?!

How adorable is this?!

Tilly’s pattern and instructions were really clear, so it literally took me one evening to do these. So what do you think? I added a patch pocket on the left leg, but you probably can’t see it. It’s big enough for my iPhone anyway. As you can see, I really hated taking this photo; I’ve never enjoyed being photographed but I must try harder in future not to look so stupid!

Has a person ever looked so awkward in a photo?!

Has a person ever looked so awkward in a photo?!

How had I not realised pyjamas were so easy?! They’re really comfy too, exactly the kind of pyjamas I like. The only thing I’m not so thrilled about is the drawstring waist; I don’t feel like it gathers up enough for me, so they’re not too flattering on my post C-section tummy. Still, it’s an easy fix, I could make the waist larger next time. Of course, as they’re only pyjamas, it doesn’t really matter. Despite the above photo, I don’t tend to hang around outside the house in them! I’ll definitely be making some more of these and Big squish is also going to get some too, I think she felt a little left out, although she did decline my offer of matching ones with my leftover fabric (“No, that’s too silly to be matching, Mummy!”).  I may even make hubby some for his birthday, if I get chance (it’s in a few weeks), I’ve seen some awesome Marvel fabric he’d love. As for this fabric, I’m totally in love with it and think I’m going to have to get some more for a skirt, or even a dress.

Have you made yourself anything recently? I’d love for you to share!

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