Hello August!



August already… how is this possible?!

I just had to share these gorgeous notebooks that my Mum bought for me yesterday (thanks Mum!). I realise that this means I possibly need to get out more, but if like me you love stationery and sewing, you’ll understand!

The larger of the two is a sketchbook, so I’ll be using this for designing things, and also keeping swatches of fabric in so I don’t forget where I’ve bought things from. The smaller is a notebook and just the right size to put in the changing bag I’m always carting about (how I long for the days when I used handbags!) and it’ll save me from trying to keep notes in my phone when inspiration strikes. Ooh get me, I sound pretty organised don’t I?!

I’m not too organised right now, which is why I don’t have a Handmade Wardrobe update for you for July. I started making myself a tunic, which should have only taken me one evening really, but I’d used the wrong size needle and it all went a bit pear-shaped and needed unpicking. Then a sickness bug hit the household, and quite frankly the less said about that the better! So, I almost have something to show you and hopefully now we’re all better I’ll get it finished soon.

I’ve got a deadline to meet this week, which is exciting and I’ll hopefully have an update there soon too. Other than that August is all about Phoebe’s first birthday. I’ve got a lactose-free (poor Phoebe has been lactose intolerant since birth) cake to bake and I’d like to make at least one present and one outfit for her. Then I’m definitely turning my attention to getting ready for Christmas, so look out for a blog post all about that 🙂

What are you up to this month? Any sewing projects on the go, or are you off on holiday?

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