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The first of December is upon us… are you ready for Christmas? I’m not. Not at all. Usually by now I’m pretty much finished except for writing a few cards, so I think I’ve got a busy few weeks ahead of me. Annoyingly, I’d made a huge list of gifts I wanted to make for everyone this year, but I’ve pretty much run out of time for that. I think, to stick to my handmade Christmas ideal, I’ll be doing a lot of shopping on Etsy this week!

Love Sewing


My beautiful girl made the cover!

My beautiful girl made the cover!

Photo credit: Love Sewing Magazine

I did it again – my project made the front cover of Love Sewing magazine! I designed this super simple Christmas tree appliqued dress with my girls in mind. They’re not into fussy party dresses, so this quick-sew is perfect for them. My big squish is so proud to be on the cover of the magazine. She took it into nursery today to show everyone! She told me that next time it’s her sister’s turn though. If you subscribe, you’ll probably have your copy by now. If not, then it’s out on Wednesday 3rd December and has a whole host of lovely Christmas projects in. The free pattern this month is the skater dress featured on the front cover. Definitely one I’ll make for myself, but probably in time for my birthday (February) rather than Christmas.

Lots of lovely Christmas projects

Lots of lovely Christmas projects

Photo credit: Love Sewing Magazine

Etsy updates

pretty midlands

So this week was pretty exciting; I made my first Etsy sale! Hopefully the first of many to come too. The item in question should have reached it’s destination today, so I’m nervously waiting to hear if it’s ok. It’s funny, it doesn’t matter how many things I make, I’m always a nervous wreck waiting to see if people like them.

I really am enjoying my Etsy journey so far. It’s made it so much easier to sell things and just have all the finance stuff and stats all in one place. I’m looking forward to the new year as I have a lot of plans for my little store! One of the things I mentioned previously was that I liked being being of an Etsy team. The Etsy team I’m most active in is called Pretty Midlands and on Saturday 6th December, which coincides nicely with Small Business Saturday here in the UK, we’re having our first joint Market Night. There are lots of lovely things available and I’m hoping to pick up a few bits myself, to get closer to getting Christmas organised. Come join us!


Don’t forget that I have some beautiful Christmas skirts still available, should you need festive outfits for your squishes.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that I recently made myself a pair of earrings, using the owl charms now being sewn onto all Little Squish clothing. I was surprised by the amount of compliments I had on them, and people asking me where they were from! So much so, I decided to add them to the store. No, I’m not going to go mad making jewellery now; this will be the only earrings listed, but keep an eye on the “grown ups” section as it will expand in the new year.

Earrings in dish

New Etsy listing (£5, free P&P)

What do you think? I think they’re make super cute stocking fillers, or maybe a Secret Santa present! They’re priced at £5 and you’ll get free P&P too.


One last thing before I sign off… if you haven’t already popped over to the Little Squish Facebook page, I’d really appreciate a like and even a cheeky share! Of course, I can’t ask for such things actually on Facebook, or they’ll tell me off. Meanies.

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