Hello September!

Little Squish Blog Hello September

I love September. There’s a real sense of it being a brand new start, a time to achieve stuff, a reboot of the year. I guess that’s the teacher in me, I always loved the start of the year with a brand new class. And new stationery.

The blog, and my Twitter account, have definitely been stagnating a bit over the summer months, but as you’ll have seen on Facebook and Instagram, I’ve been out having adventures with the squishes. We’ve had such a lovely time together.

But now autumn is here again, so it’s time to refocus. For me, September is all about:

*Eleanor starting school – I actually can’t believe that my big squish is old enough for school. I’ve got to say it’s a very weird feeling being the parent and not the teacher.

*Phoebe starting pre-school – She can’t wait, even though it’s only a few hours a week.

*100 Day Goal – I’m going to spend 100 days working towards a main business goal, doing lots of little actions along the way, with the support of Julia from The Business Bakery (who I’ve mentioned several times before!)

*Getting fit – Thanks to my FitBit motivating me, I’m going to make a proper commitment to doing regular exercise. And hopefully lose some weight along the way. I also promise to stop posting my FitBit stats on Instagram, I really don’t want to turn into a fitness bore (but it is exciting when everything turns green!).

*Getting organised – A bit like a spring clean, I need to organise my sewing and screen-printing supplies, they’re kinda taking over the house. On that note, has anyone seen my zipper foot?! (I also have an awesome way of cataloguing sewing patterns to share with you!).

*Sewing – I realised the other day that I haven’t sewn myself something that I love for far too long. And that was kinda meant to be the point of this blog really, so it’s high time I got down to business! I bought the wrap dress pattern I mentioned before, so that is one of many things I’ve got planned.

*Catching up – I’ve got some fab tutorials to finish for the guys over at William Gee and other bits and bobs in the pipeline that need finishing.

Are you pleased September is upon us again, or are you already longing for the lazier days of summer?



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2 comments on “Hello September!
  1. Avatar Alex says:

    Can’t wait to see the sewing stuff you’ve got to show us!
    In all honesty I’m glad the schools are back – yay for routine!
    Are you going to the Sewbrum in October?
    see you soon x

  2. Toria Toria says:

    I just need all the time in the world to sew it, haha. Hell yes to Sew Brum, looking forward to seeing you 😀 x

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