How my sewing has improved!

The main reason I started writing my blog was to keep a record of the things I’d sewn and to see my progress over time. Of course, there were things I made prior to starting my blog, which I’d actually forgotten about until Facebook reminded me. If you’ve got a Facebook account, you’ll know that every day you can look at your “memories” which is basically just showing you your posts on that date for each year you’ve been online.

Over the past week or so, I’ve been reminded of some of the first things I ever made, so I thought I’d share them with you. I think it’s fair to say that I’ve got better, and I’m so glad I persevered because I remember getting so frustrated with those first little projects! Please excuse the appalling photography, at this point my photos were literally just for my personal profile!

Quilt Square

Quilt Square

Well, who knew I’d end up organising a quilt project for Project Linus UK? No one who saw this that’s for sure! This came about because I’m on a pretty large group of mummies on Facebook; we were all due in June 2011 and the group is still going now. We decided that everyone would make a quilt square and they’d all get put together for a purpose I’m not entirely sure of now. I don’t think it ever happened, but the square I made was entirely hand sewn as I didn’t have a machine then. At the time, I remember being so proud of this, but I’m a bit embarrassed now. Just goes to show that you can absolutely improve your skills if you keep going though!

Heart handbag

Heart bagI made this three years ago (whilst watching Usain Bolt in the Olympics actually) because my then one year old daughter was obsessed with bags. Nothing changes actually, I just bought her a My Little Pony handbag the other day! I made this with no pattern and no real clue as to what I was doing, as it was only the second time I’d switched the sewing machine on (after the quilt square I ended up borrowing my Grandma’s machine). It’s made out of felt and I hand-stitched the heart on the front using a blanket stitch. Which would have been far easier had I done that before stitching the bag together! Anyway, Eleanor still has this bag and still loves it so that’s a win right there.

Camper Van Skirt

Camper van skirt

I love this fabric so much! I made this for Eleanor when she was two and she loved it. We had so many compliments on this skirt whenever she wore it, although credit where it’s due it’s entirely down to that fabric. I must get myself some of this for a skirt (which is completely acceptable as this skirt has long since been donated to the local charity shop). I have no idea why I decided to attempt a pretty awful and basic headband here. When I made this, Eleanor’s hair had just started growing properly, so I was probably a bit over-excited before I remembered that I don’t really like headbands, haha,

Bias Binding Hem

Flower skirt

This little skirt was an absolute bargain; it only cost £1.60 to make! The fat quarter I used to make it was only £1, I remember being very impressed by that. I made this so that I could have a go at using bias binding for the first time, I wanted to see how it would look finishing a hem with it. A quick Google for some videos on YouTube and I was all set – turned out it was really easy! I loved how summery this skirt looked. It would fit Phoebe now and I know it’s still about somewhere in the girls’ wardrobe so I might dig it out later.


Doughnut set

I bought this awesome doughnut fabric on eBay, about two and half years ago, which some vague idea of brightening up our kitchen with it. Aside from making a noticeboard, that didn’t happen, so when we bought Eleanor a little patio set I decided to make her a little tablecloth and seat pad. I wanted to have a go at making something reversible, so it has little cupcakes on the other side. This is also still in use now, which makes me smile.

So come on, dig out some of your first sewing projects and share them with me, I’d love to see them. And if you’re reading this because you’d like to start sewing, I think this post is proof that with a bit of effort you will improve!


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