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I think I’m developing a bit of an addiction to sewing-related magazines recently. I subscribed to Sew Magazine in February, mostly because the free gift was the new Great British Sewing Bee book. Then I took out a trial subscription to Mollie Makes whilst at Sewing for Pleasure in March, mostly because it just looks so pretty. Then, this month I got really excited by the launch of a new magazine called Love Sewing, and got a trial subscription for that too! I’ve got quite the stash of mags to sit and read now. Some day, I’d absolutely love to be a contributor to a sewing mag (told you I had BIG plans for my Squish empire!), but I digress…


So the first issue of Love Sewing landed through the letterbox on Saturday and I literally did a little dance. I love nice post, but who doesn’t? Beats getting your utility bills through. It came with free gifts too, so that gets an extra happy dance: a beautiful fat quarter of Kirstie Allsopp fabric, a supplement of Liberty sewing, a paper pattern to accompany various projects throughout the magazine and a dress pattern (to download).

The Liberty supplement was interesting, it has 12 projects in for you to make from Liberty fabric. Of course, you can choose to use any fabric you like, but the Liberty fabrics chosen make for some very beautiful photos. I thought the history of Liberty fabric was particularly interesting to read about too. I’ll definitely be having a look for the book these projects are all from when I get around it, if only to drool at the photographs!

LibertySpeaking of fabric, here’s a close up of the Kirstie Allsopp fat quarter:

KirstieFQIsn’t it pretty?! My first thought was to make something for myself with it, like maybe a pincushion or a fabric-covered notebook, but I’ve decided to make the littlest squish a pretty bib instead. Poor thing has hardly any handmade things, so I think it’s only fair. The magazine has a couple of suggestions of what to make with your fabric, but I’ve got to say I found this a little disappointing. There are a ton of things that you can make using a fat quarter, so it would have been nice had this been a bigger feature.

So what do I think of the magazine in general I hear you cry?! In all honesty, I think it’s pretty awesome. It has a really fresh look, with great photography and a clear layout of all of the tutorials, projects and articles. I noticed that there are quite a few contributing writers, all with their expertise, varying degrees of experience and some are also published authors. This adds weight to the magazine with it being a new title because, as a reader, you know you’re following advice and opinions you can trust.

Projects and tutorials in this issue include curtains, baby bibs, a clutch bag and turning up jeans. I thought the tutorials were written clearly and concisely, and most had great photos to help you along the way. I do think, that for a novice sewer particularly, all of the tutorials needed step by step photos. There is definitely something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a confident sewer looking for inspiration for your next project. I’m not sure which I’ll do first, I think it might be the dress as featured on the front cover, as at the moment I love the idea of a handmade wardrobe for myself, but then again the clutch bag is super cute….Dress

With a brief nod to the Great British Sewing Bee, which has certainly inspired many people to give sewing a go recently, there are interviews with both Tilly Walnes from Series One, and also May Martin. I found Tilly’s interview particularly interesting as I’m a great fan of her blog and where it’s taken her since it began; she’s a massive inspiration. Tilly’s first book, Love At First Stitch, is out soon and if you subscribe to Love Sewing you’ll receive it as a free gift which is pretty cool!

If you love a bit of shopping, (and who doesn’t?!) there’s plenty featured to tempt you into a shoppng spree, including fabric, sewing accesories and patterns. I thought the photos of the fabrics particularly were really vibrant and brought the magazine to life. Of course, I could complain that now I have a whole heap of new things that I’m lusting after! I did think it was really nice to see lots of independent businesses mentioned (especially for sewing patterns); I do love discovering new websites, even if my bank balance doesn’t!

All in all, I think Love Sewing is vibrant and inspiring and I would recommend it to both a novice and a more accomplished stitcher. And, of course, the promise of free gifts with each issue doesn’t hurt either! I will certainly be getting a subscription once my trial one is over.

**I am not associated with Love Sewing Magazine in any way. The views in this blog post are entirely my own**

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