Luna Lapin

Luna and Stella

Luna and Stella

I’ve really been looking forward to blogging about Luna Lapin; my first ever go at sewing a toy and pretty successful too!

For Christmas I decided to do all handmade presents, if you recall. Well, yeah, that went out of the window as I didn’t start anything early enough. I was determined that I’d make my girls something though and we’d seen these adorable bunnies in kit form at the Hobbycrafts show and I couldn’t resist them.

I got super excited when I looked the the Cool Crafting website and realised that Luna has a whole wardrobe! All the pretty things I could make!

I’ll admit once I’d cut the pieces out and read what I needed to do, I felt a bit nervous. Just because I’ve never done anything like this, I’m not a fan of hand sewing and if I ruined them, that would be the squishes main present gone. Gulp.

I needn’t have worried though, the instructions are so clear to follow, with really helpful pictures. I did hand sew the first one, and it took me a few nights which I didn’t think was too bad. For time’s sake, I decided to machine sew the second one and actually it worked out fine. I managed to do that one in a couple of hours. Result!

The kits come with everything you need to make not only the rabbit, but also a gorgeous Liberty print dress. Of course, being me and leaving everything to the last minute (sewing on Christmas Eve anyone?!) I ran out of time for these. I’m definitely going to do them though, they’re too nice not to! I did whip up a quick elasticated skirt for each one in a Christmas fabric which the girls loved.

As we have two rabbits, I decided we couldn’t call them both Luna. So Eleanor’s is Luna and Phoebe’s is Stella. (Both of my girls names are related to sunshine and brightness, so as Luna means moon, I decided on Stella for stars. Sad huh?)

I would definitely recommend these kits. Each one comes with the materials to make one Luna Lapin (even the pins and needles) with a dress. The pattern is obviously included, which you could re-use, and the step by step instructions are really clear. I’m definitely going to make a couple more of these for gifts this year 🙂

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5 comments on “Luna Lapin
  1. Avatar Marlene Newsam says:

    You say that you had sewn one by machine. I have sent off for this book, hope to make one. Did you sew it with small machine stitches and leave the stitches on the outside seam? Marlene Newsam.

  2. Toria Toria says:

    I did, and it was much easier than sewing by hand. My hand sewing is very slow!

  3. Avatar Irene. says:

    Can anyone tell me how much felt you need for rabbit. I have ordered book but haven’t got it yet. I have the chance to get some nice felt before book comes . Irene.

  4. Toria Toria says:

    I bought this rabbit as a kit and I’m not sure how much felt I got with it. Sorry.

  5. Avatar Joanne says:

    If you look on the cool crafting website they will sell you pieces of felt the right size to make a Luna – just waiting for my book to arrive. 🙂

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