Meet Audrey!

I’ve been after a mannequin for ages now; a child-sized one that is. I thought it’d be really useful for taking photos for my Etsy or All By Mama stores, and for anything else I do for Love Sewing. Eleanor isn’t always the most willing (or still) of models.

I had a search online and decided to go with one I saw on Amazon.


This is Audrey. She's my new friend.

This is Audrey. She’s my new friend.


I liked the way it looked and the price seemed far more reasonable than some.

It has a removable, washable jersey cover (I guess if I felt like jazzing it up in the future I could always make a new cover too) which is a feature I wanted with sticky fingers on the loose in the house. It’s made of polystyrene which is really useful for pinning things to and has a wooden base with adjustable height.

All in all I’m really happy with it. It’s approximately the size of a three year old so of course has its limitations, but for what I need it for right now, it’s great.

Of course now I want one in my size!

Do you use a mannequin or tailor’s dummy for yourself? Any recommendations?

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