Merry Christmas!

Thimble End Road

A sewing-themed road! Do you have any near you?

I’m officially breaking up for the holidays today, although sadly there’ll be no Christmas party or swapping of secret Santas or anything. I do love being self-employed, but there are definitely a few things I miss about my previous life. Anyway, this is more than likely going to be my last blog post of 2014; as Phoebe has been quite ill recently (preceded by Eleanor and myself being ill) I am waaaaay behind with festive prep this year. I can’t believe I’ve not even written all of my cards yet :-/

Thank you to everyone who has supported Little Squish this year; whether you’ve followed me on social media, read my blog or bought something from me, you’ve helped to make this a fantastic first year in business for me. I’m looking forward to 2015, even with VATMOSS insanity looming and some of my plans needing to be changed.

I thought I’d just do a quick round up of  my favourite parts of this year…

Me and TillyI was really excited to meet Tilly at her book signing at Guthrie and Ghani. She was so lovely to chat to!

Me & JenniI’m really happy with my skirt in this picture as it’s one of the first proper things I’ve made myself (courtesy of Love at First Stitch). It was great to meet Jenni from this year’s Sewing Bee, especially after I’d interviewed her for the blog.

Weekend Bag - Learn to SewI’ve definitely spent a lot of time at Guthrie & Ghani this year and was lucky enough to win a signed copy of Lauren’s book.

Kirstie AllsoppI also made it to the Handmade Fair and came oh-so-close to meeting the fantastic Kirstie Allsopp.

TweetI may not have met her, but a tweet was almost as nice!

Vintage Patterns 2

This year saw my vintage pattern stash born! I was lucky enough to get all of my Grandma’s patterns, and there are so many I’m still looking through them.

My sewing space

My sewing space

Some of my patterns have made it onto the wall in my new little sewing space. My plan for when I have a bigger room is to frame a lot of them.

Fabric swap 2A great day out was had at SewBrum and I made some lovely new friends.

It's almost like being famous, haha!

It’s almost like being famous, haha!

A massive highlight of my year HAS to be having two patterns published in Love Sewing magazine: a Little Red Riding Hood cape and a Christmas Tree dress after a chance email from their editor, Helen Look out for me in the January issue too!

ChattingAfter meeting the lovely Lyndsey James at the Handmade Fair, I’ve become a little photography-obsessed. I’d definitely recommend any of the Photocraft courses; the one pictured was the Inspiration Day and I met so many wonderful designer-makers.

Business cardsLove my little business cards!

Henceforth known as the "Photocraft Skirt"!

Henceforth known as the “Photocraft Skirt”!

This year I’ve also embraced the way I want to dress. I love colour, I love pattern and sewing really has given me the freedom to express myself (as cheesy as that sounds).

Autumn SkirtI decided to open an Etsy store this year, and this skirt was my first sale! (Love this photo)

pattern workshopAlthough I’ve not started yet, I’ve enrolled onto a Pattern Drafting course, which is going to be so useful. I can’t wait!

GoalsNow I’m looking ahead and have set just a few goals for myself. It’ll be very interesting to revisit this next December and see if I’ve achieved any!

In other random news, I signed up with Tsu yesterday, a new social media platform. I’m not sure how much I’ll use it as I don’t want social media to take over all of my time, but you’re welcome come join me there! (After a quick bit of research I discovered that some people aren’t impressed with it as you can apparently make money just by posting stuff. I have no idea about that side of it, I just wanted to spread the Little Squish word!)

All that’s left for me to say is have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


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