My Etsy adventure so far…

So, the Etsy store is very much still in its early stages, but I thought I’d just share my experiences so far, with some shameless sharing of my latest listings of course (click the photos).

I’ve discovered that Etsy has a lot more to it than just listing your items and leaving at that. There are teams you can join to chat to other sellers and get advice, there are treasuries which you should aim to get your items into to be seen by more people, and there’s far too much lovely stuff on there to buy!


Gingerbread House skirt

I’m really pleased to have already been featured in two treasuries; a beautiful Woodland Animals one and this Fall one. It’s great to know that people are looking at my photos and like what I’m doing.

Snowman skirt

Speaking of photos, I think I’m becoming a bit obsessed. I mentioned the little talk I went to at the Handmade Fair, right? Well since then I’ve been putting those tips into practice: using a proper camera (instead of my iPhone!), using a tripod, learning how to edit images on Photoshop and using props. Ah props… I’m definitely becoming obsessed with photography props! I’m looking at all kinds of things and mentally storing away a possible photgrpahic use for it. I’m also trying to make my photos look more uniform, to give my shop an identity. I think it’s working, but time will tell. I’m very excited to be going on a whole day of Photocraft awesomeness next week, so I think my obsession will get worse.


Nutcracker skirt

So, plans for the future of my Etsy store? Well I have a few ideas in the pipeline to give my products a bit more of a brand identity, and I’m hoping the Photocraft inspiration day will yield some interesting ideas too. Other than that I need to get more things listed and get networking!

Any Etsy advice? I’d love to hear it!

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