My first blog post!

I love blogs, they’re a great way of learning new things or generally having a nosey into what someone does. I’ve got a few sewing blogs I love to read, of course, and I’m always coming across interesting posts here and there via Pinterest (if you’re not on Pinterest get over there now! Well, after you’ve read this.) Anyway, I decided to add a blog to the website to write about my “further adventures in sewing” I guess. As well as making children’s clothes, I’m on a mission to create clothes for myself and bits and pieces for our house and I wanted somewhere to document it all. I also figured I’d throw in a tutorial or two and anything else that takes my fancy!

So, for my first ever post, I’m going to tell you all about what lead me to Little Squish…

When I was growing up, I idolised my Grandma. One of the things I admired most about her was her amazing creative ability. She could sew anything. Seriously. She made curtains, cushions, clothes and even wedding dresses. People used to take her to wedding dress shops, point out what they liked (but couldn’t afford) and she’d go off and make them pretty much the same thing. Whenever we visited, the first sound you’d hear would be the sewing machine whirring away and she’d be up in her sewing room. Despite the amount of time I spent in that sewing room, getting under my Grandma’s feet, I never sat and learnt what she was doing. I figured, I didn’t need to, she was there to make things for me! When I was about twelve, I had a school project to make an apron. I couldn’t sew to save my life, so I took it home and my Grandma did it for me. But I digress…

Unfortunately my wonderful Grandma passed away when I was 16. Her sewing room was mostly dismantled with things given away and her sewing machine sat gathering dust. Fast forward 11 years and I’ve now had my daughter and gave her the middle name Ada after my Grandma. Just before her first Christmas, I remembered watching one of Kirstie Allsopp’s craft programmes and I was saying I’d love to make her a stocking but that I couldn’t sew. I decided there and then that I would learn and I’d make her one!

That didn’t go to plan as it took me a few months to persuade my Grandad to let me borrow my Grandma’s sewing machine. But eventually I did and after quite some time shouting at it because I couldn’t thread it, I was off. I made my daughter a little bag out of felt, which wasn’t perfect at all, but she loved it (and still has it!) And I haven’t looked back!

After the bag came some dresses and skirts, my own sewing machine and, it seems, a wonderful business by accident! I can see why my Grandma literally spent all day at her machine. I definitely owe my love of sewing to her and she’s been such an inspiration to me.

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