Plotting some selfish sewing


The problem with deciding to turn a hobby into a business is that you don’t have as much time for whatever you do as a hobby anymore. Most nights, once the girls are asleep, if there’s sewing (or screen-printing) to be done, you can almost guarantee that it’s not going to be for me! Enough of this, I am reclaiming my hobby back and I will have an awesome handmade wardrobe, damn it! Bit by bit anyway.

So, here’s a little round up of what I’m planning on sewing for myself. Mostly for my own reference if I’m honest. I do use Pinterest a lot for stuff like this, but it just gets lost amongst my absurd number of pins.

First up is this McCalls wrap dress pattern (6959) that I found on Minerva Crafts website:

McCalls 6959

I’ll admit it first caught my eye because it’s on offer at the moment, so I snapped it up! I do love a good wrap dress though; I had a black jersey one when I was at uni and it was great for when I was out on teaching practise or for interviews and stuff. I think wrap dresses flatter just about any body shape too and as I’m a bit conscious about my tummy right now, I think this could be a winner.

Wrap dress views

I’m loving the different views of this too, and I think I’d pretty much make them all. I’ve been lusting after a couple of Lindy Bop dresses with collars recently, so I’ll definitely have a go at this instead. Plus, you can sew it with poplin, rather than having to use jersey or something stretchy. I’m in love! I reckon a plain one, maybe in navy, would be nice but being me I also need to sew it up in something a bit more colourful too, like maybe this Hello Kitty poplin in orange. I love the autumnal colours!


I’m really loving my dresses right now, so I’m going to add a couple more to my list. Remember my London Calling dress, using the Ruby pattern from Love Sewing? I definitely need to sew that again, but this time make it longer. I also really love my Pink Flamingo dress which is Tilly‘s Lilou pattern from Love At First Stitch. I need to work on the fit for this, although I wear it at least once a week the bodice is a little big. I really love novelty print fabrics, despite the odd looks I often get, so here’s a selection of some of my current favourites that I think would look great made up as either of the above patterns. Just click on the photos for the links (not affiliate links, I just like these!)

Text Symbols Black



cat faces


Not something I’d ever considered doing before, but how cool are these espadrilles from Guthrie & Ghani?

Guthrie and Ghani Espadrilles

We’re rapidly running out of summer, I know, but I still think I’d get a fair bit of use of out of them anyway. Plus it would be a great way of using up some fabric I’ve already got (as the kit is just the soles). I’ve been hanging on to my maternity jeans for ages because I wore them throughout both pregnancies and thought it’d be nice to refashion them into something I could keep; this could be the perfect project!

From summer to more chillier weather… I’d love to be ambitious and give this duffle coat pattern from Grainline Studios a go.

Grainline Duffle Coat

I know that, realistically, I’m unlikely to have the time for this, but I’m definitely putting it on my list in the hopes I can get it done for next autumn! I’d definitely have to do this in navy blue, maybe with a mustard colour lining; I think that would be pretty awesome.

So there are my sewing plans, share yours with me! What patterns have caught your eye recently?



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2 comments on “Plotting some selfish sewing
  1. Avatar Hannah says:

    What a beautiful wrap dress! Unfortunately, they’re already sold out. You have some awesome stuff planned!

  2. Toria Toria says:

    Thank you, I just hope I find the time to do it all! When I ordered my dress pattern, I got an email saying it was out of stock but that they’d ordered more, so I’m sure you’ll be able to get one soon 🙂

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