SewBrum meet up

One of the best things about this blogging malarky (and having a social media presence in general) is that you get to meet some pretty cool people who like the same things as you. Which is great if no one around you shares your passion for something, as in my case. Since I got myself on Twitter, I’ve chatted with lots of people who love sewing and even made a great new friend to go fabric shopping with (yes you, Lisa!). I’ve also been a bit jealous of some sewing meet ups organised in London too.

Imagine my excitement when I discovered the SewBrum meet up being organised by English Girl At Home! A whole day, in my own city, with lovely sewing people? Yes please, where do I sign up?! It’s not until October, so I guess I’d better calm myself down a bit, but I can’t wait. It’ll be really nice to meet some more people that love sewing and hopefully find some more new fabric shopping buddies. Plus we’ll be hanging out at the Rag Market, Barry’s Fabrics and Guthrie & Ghani, some of my most favourite places on earth. Had an email not so long ago to say that 40 other people have signed up too, so it should make for a really great day out!

Now to plan what to sew to wear; I feel more fabric shopping coming on…

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2 comments on “SewBrum meet up
  1. Avatar Meg says:

    I’m very new to sewing and have signed up too! Eek – I’m a tad nervous!

  2. Toria Toria says:

    Yay! I’m nervous too, but I bet everyone will be lovely. Looking forward to meeting you 🙂

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