Today was a day I’d been waiting for for ages… the SewBrum meet up organised by Charlotte, AKA English Girl at Home. When I first saw her blog about this, I signed up straight away; I’m never one to turn down fabric shopping in Birmingham and meeting lots of lovely new people sounded like a great bonus!

I decided to wear my Retro Sweetie Skirt. Again. You’re probably sick of seeing it, but it’s my new favourite thing so I’m practically living in it.

We met up at the train station to go to the Rag Market, Barry’s Fabrics and the Fancy Silk Store; I was really nervous, I’ve never felt completely comfortable meeting new people, I mean, what if they hate me?! Anyway, as per usual my fears were ungrounded as I met some lovely friendly people, some of whom I’ve chatted to on Twitter anyway. It was lovely to meet up with Alex and Rachel and we pretty much spent the rest of the day together (along with Meg who joined us a bit later).

We all went to Barry’s Fabrics en masse first; I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so busy!

Shopping at Barry's

Browsing at Barry’s

It was really nice to spend ages in there looking at everything properly as I’m normally in a bit of a hurry with children in tow. This is just a tiny fraction of what they have:


Barry’s Fabrics

On reflection though, maybe it wasn’t such a good thing. I didn’t buy loads today, but I’ve certainly made a list I want to go back for next time I’m in Brum! Today I bought some fabric I need for a project I’m working on, and some Christmas stuff I couldn’t resist:



Of course, it was pouring down this morning, so we had a soggy, cold walk round to the Fancy Silk Store (thanks for the brolly, Alex!) for more floor-to-ceiling fabric:

Fancy Silk Store

Fancy Silk Store

Again, I found absolutely loads of stuff I loved! For once, I was actually looking for fabric for me too. I think I need to have a good sort through the patterns I want to make for myself and start working my way through them. I definitely need to go back and get my hands on some of this awesome-ness, no matter what it becomes:



As it was I managed to not spend a small fortune, and just bought myself a metre of this to whip up into another quick elasticated skirt:

Musical instruments

After a quick look around the outdoor market (we didn’t even make it into the Rag Market, there was just too much to take in everywhere else), it was time to jump on the bus to Moseley, where Guthrie & Ghani was our last stop. Lauren had kindly given us the use of the workshop upstairs which was great as it gave everyone chance to mingle, ooh and ahh over outfits and purchases. And eat cake. Not a bad afternoon eh?!

Lauren had done a great job decorating the workshop, everything looked so pretty.


Loved these hearts made from maps




Gorgeous bunting

A little goody bag from Lauren

A little goody bag from Lauren

The cakes all looked pretty good too. Rachel made these and look, they’ve got buttons on!


Anyone for cake?

During the afternoon we were raising money for Parkinson’s UK by holding a raffle. Charlotte had managed to get some pretty cool prizes including patterns, haberdashery stuff, books, and even a sewing machine.

Raffle prizes

Just some of the raffle prizes

Raffle time!

Raffle time!

I didn’t win anything, but well done to the ladies who did! I’m looking forward to seeing your makes.

Fabric swap

Fabric swap

Fabric swap 2

Busy swapping

After the raffle, it was time to swap patterns and fabric. Such a great idea! A big thank you to Anne and her daughter for the patterns they gave me:


I also got 2m of this lovely fabric; I’m undecided whether to make my girls something with it, or something for my Etsy store, but I love it anyway, so thank you to whoever brought it along.

Circus fabric

Too cute!

All in all an awesome day was had, so special thanks to Charlotteย  for taking the time and trouble to organise it. It was so nice to meet new people and put faces to the names of people I’ve chatted to online. I loved seeing everyone’s handmade outfits too – so much inspiration. I hope we can all do it again some time!

Ooh and just to annoy Alex (haha), here’s a sneaky pic I took of her and Rachel. I have serious hair envy after meeting Rach today!

Rach & Alex

Awesome hair!

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4 comments on “SewBrum
  1. Avatar Meg says:

    Aww this is such a great round-up of the day. It was blummin’ lovely to meet you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Toria Toria says:

    Just read yours too ๐Ÿ™‚ It was a fab day! I think I took enough photos lol. Definitely need a December meet up, if not before!

  3. Avatar char says:

    Aww, I’m glad you managed to give my circus fabric a home!! I was planning to make a dress with it but there wasn’t enough and I wasn’t sure what else to do with it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Toria Toria says:

    Oh it was yours! Thanks so much Char, my daughters love it so it’s going to be something for them ๐Ÿ™‚

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