Insert terrible sewing pun here…

I’m not a fan of everything with a sewing theme, despite what people might think, but thankfully I haven’t been bought a massive amount of sewing-themed paraphernalia. However, I couldn’t resist this fabric and thought it’d make a pretty cool dress. (I also hate it when people use “sew” instead of “so”; it’s just not funny!).

Apologies for the truly awful photo. I WILL take a better one!

Apologies for the truly awful photo. I WILL take a better one!

For my birthday I had By Hand London’s Anna pattern after a trip to Guthrie & Ghani, and decided to make the shorter version for my first one.

As I’ve said before, I know I should have made up a toile (or muslin) for the bodice first to check the fit, but hey, life is too short. I figure that nothing I buy from a shop fits me 100% exactly as I’d like anyway, and this fabric was about £5.99 per metre, so it’s totally a wearable toile and my intention is to fix any fitting issues on subsequent makes. Does anyone else do this, or are you all really good doing things properly?

I had a quick read of BHL’s sewalong for the Anna before I started to sew; I like that they do these posts for each pattern, sometimes you just need to check that you’re doing the right thing and photos help with that massively. (They also show how to adjust your pattern properly, so if I wasn’t being a bit lazy, I’d have done that too!)

This was a really easy and quick sew; I cut it out one evening and then sewed it all another. To be honest it was so easy to sew that I read the sewalong post once and then just got on with it. I somehow managed to sew in the zip using the zip foot instead of the invisible zip foot, I blame paying too much attention to the Spider-Man film Andy had put on. As a result the zip can be seen a teeny bit more than I’d like, but it’s fine, thankfully the colour matches pretty well to the fabric.

Man, I hate having my photo taken!

Man, I hate having my photo taken, but I do love these silver shoes!

I wasn’t sure about the fit of this once I’d finished it. I mean, it fits me, but I think the neckline gapes a bit. Does anyone have any advice for fixing this next time I sew this pattern? I also think I’d add maybe an inch around the waist, just so I can move about a bit more. It’s not super tight-fitting, but it’s certainly not a dress to wear for an all-you-can-eat buffet, haha! Any other fitting tips for this one? I’m aware that the bodice is wrinkling quite a bit too :-/ I’m open to criticism!

We meet at last!

The dress in action!

I’ll definitely be making this again, and I’ll certainly experiment with the other two styles the pattern offers. I also think when I make a shorter one again I’ll go for a circle skirt instead of this one; I love how Roisin’s Anna dresses look when she does this. Also I’ll do a lined bodice, the facings are driving me mad because I’m so bad at ironing!

Have you sewn Anna? Show me!

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2 comments on “Insert terrible sewing pun here…
  1. Avatar Zoë says:

    Hiya, I can’t see it too well in your pics but I sorted out the gaping neckline using this tutorial, works a treat 🙂

  2. Toria Toria says:

    Ooh thank you. Yes, my photos are terrible in this post! :-/

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