Sewing lingerie

Sewing your own lingerie seems to be a big thing at the moment, with lots of sewers making their own bras particularly. I’ve got to say, I didn’t have any interest in seeing my own undies, but then when the latest issue of Love Sewing magazine came out it included a free knickers pattern.

Image from Love Sewing magazine

Image from Love Sewing magazine

They look so pretty and I fancy having some Liberty print knickers because, why not! Also, it seems like a good stash-busting idea (that would actually be useful).

I decided to do a trial pair using some purple gingham I had left over and I bought some pretty knicker elastic from Trixie Lixie.

The pattern was a super quick one to cut out, just three pieces, and it didn’t take long to sew them either. I found stitching on the elastic a bit fiddly, but I think I’d get faster with practise.

You can breathe a sigh of relief, I’m not going to model them for you, but here they are from the front:

Gingham knickers

Gingham knickers

And a view of the back:

Back of knickers

Back of knickers

I’m fairly happy with them, especially for a first go. However, I don’t think the elastic is strong enough, it doesn’t seem to have pinged back after being stretched to sew it on; I’m going to look for a better alternative for my next pair.

They do fit, and they are exactly the hipster style knickers they’re meant to be, but to be honest they’re not flattering on me. I think I need my knickers on the, ahem, fuller side. My plan is to use an existing pair to draw up a pattern that will fit as I want them to. I feel a tutorial coming on…

I enjoyed making these knickers though, and they’re a great little project for when you’re short on time. I think they’d make a nice gift too.

Have you made your own lingerie? Any tips to share?

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5 comments on “Sewing lingerie
  1. Lovely blog, am definitely going to give them a try too, have some fabric in mind, just need to find some nice knicker elastic!

  2. Toria Toria says:

    Thanks Claire 🙂 Let me know if you find some good elastic!

  3. Love the blog, these are my next ‘must do’, think that I would need a fuller pair,so waiting with anticipation for a tutorial. Thanks

  4. Toria Toria says:

    Thank you. My plan is to get it done this weekend 🙂

  5. Avatar Sarah says:

    I’ve made 3 pairs now and love them, so comfy too. Planning making a slightly fuller pair as a Mother’s Day gift

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