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This isn’t strictly sewing-related, but in my last post I mentioned that I’d started a Bullet Journal to keep myself on task and so many people have asked me about it, I thought I may as well do a quick post I can direct you all to! (If you’ve never heard of the Bullet Journal you really should go and have a look at this video first, and maybe the official website too.)


So the first thing I did was to get myself a notebook. I went with a Moleskine large squared notebook, but you could get anything that’s A5 kind of size. (If you’re wondering why there are two little notebooks in the first photo as well, I bought them by accident on eBay thinking they were bigger lol, so I’m going to use them as mini Journals when taking my proper one would be too bulky). I’d definitely recommend sticking with squared paper though, it makes setting everything out so much easier. Then, as per the video, I numbered the pages and set aside a double spread at the beginning for an index.


On the next double page (and I’ll do this every month), I stuck in a calendar before writing out the calendar as a list on the next page. You might not want to do this, but I’ve found it useful. As I know I’ll want to refer to my calendar throughout the month, I added a sticky tab to the top.

Now, as much as I find my Bullet Journal interesting (seriously, I love it and take it everywhere), I’m aware that you might not want to look through it alllll, so here’s a quick round up of how I’m using it.

I’ve got a double page task list (which will be after the calendar every month) and I check this when writing out my tasks for each day. It’s also marked with a sticky tab. It’s definitely helping me get things done. I feel like if I’ve written things down I have to do them or I’ll have made a mess of my Journal, lol! I know I could have a list in my phone but I hate having it beep at me through the day and I never check it. Plus, I can just delete stuff if I can’t be bothered.

I’m using my Journal to keep track of shopping lists and meal plans too. I’m starting a new shopping list for each week and just adding to it as we run out of things. Ok, so I was pretty much doing that anyway, but as it was stuck to the fridge I usually forgot to take it to the shops. Not so useful.

If you look at the top left picture you’ll see a typical day or two set out (I covered up sensitive information with the kapow stickers; they’re not really there!). I mark each day with a sticky tab for quick access.


I’ve also used my Journal to keep pictures that Eleanor does for me. I’m forever being given bits of paper by her and they usually go in a box never to be looked at again. I thought this would be a nice way of keeping her little doodles and things. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the speech bubble notes I’ve got stuck all over the place are to keep track of my steps each day and my sleep. I had a FitBit Flex for Christmas so I’m trying to get healthy this year!


So, sewing… I’m using my Journal to keep track of projects I’m working on, or want to do, by writing lists which I’m adding to (or doodling on) when inspiration strikes. I’ve also been sticking in pictures for inspiration too:


This double page was the result of a spare half an hour with a Boden catalogue, lol. A bit of spring/summer inspiration. Certainly better than cutting out pictures and stuffing them in a drawer never to be seen again. Another thing I’m guilty of.

I’ve also been doing little brainstorms for things like how I’d like to do my next lot of product photos for Etsy, or things I might add to my Etsy store. I’ve got lists of patterns I like the look of, or have read good reviews on, and I’m also going to stick in swatches of fabric with details too so I don’t lose them. I think you could completely just use a Bullet Journal to organise your sewing, or any other craft, even if you weren’t using it for other stuff too.

Aside from the sewing stuff, some other pages I’ve got in my Journal are: Books I want to read; ideas for Easter (decorations, gifts, etc.); birthday present ideas for my girls; blog ideas; craft ideas… you get the idea, pretty much my entire life is in here.

I hope those of you who asked about my Bullet Journal found this post useful. If you want to read more about Bullet Journals, then check out this blog – I found it really interesting!

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5 comments on “Staying organised
  1. Bullet journal sounds like an AWESOME idea! I’m excited to try it out – as someone who can never find a daily planner that works for me, I think this method will definitely help with that!

  2. Toria Toria says:

    That’s great Lauren, let me know how you get on! I’ve found it much better than a diary, calendar, Filofax etc 🙂

  3. Avatar craftimummy says:

    Great to hear how someone else uses theirs. I don’t have calendars in my bullet journal but I use it for lists and To Dos and notes for projects and blog posts. It has been a great way to keep all my notes in one place.

  4. Toria Toria says:

    Glad it was useful for you 🙂 I’m wishing I’d started using this system ages ago, it would have been SO useful when I was a teacher!

  5. Toria Toria says:

    I do love mine… bordering on obsession really! The calendars haven’t been the most useful part as time has gone on though, it’s definitely best (for me) for lists and stuff 🙂

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