Taming the beast…

I had the daft idea to tidy and organise my fabric stash the other night. Oh yes, I know how to party.

I’m so envious of all the lovely photos I see on Pinterest with these perfect workspaces and oh-so-tidy fabric.

image image image

See what I mean? I don’t have a massive amount of space; just a little cupboard in an IKEA Kallax unit in my living room. Ok, there’s also a massive bag stashed under the stairs, but shhhh, we’re just talking about fabric people can see! Anyway, I can’t really copy any of these Pinterest ideas until I have my own space but I thought I’d share a quick tip for organising your fabric like I do.

A while back I was folding up a load of fabric and realised what I needed was something like the fabric bolts to keep it all in order. But on a smaller scale obviously. I decided to make my own by cutting the front and back off some cereal packets. I doubt this is a groundbreaking new tip for many of you, but I was pretty pleased. Everything can be stacked up neatly and it’s all the same size.

All tidy... for now :-/

All tidy… for now :-/

I think think it looks kind of pretty too, but I keep my fabric behind a cupboard door to stop any of it fading in the sunlight. The last thing I want is a random faded stripe where it’s been folded on my mini “bolt”.

So how do you organise your fabric? Tell me, or better yet, show me!

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One comment on “Taming the beast…
  1. Avatar Alex says:

    Such a good idea!
    Mine is folded in various mismatching sizes and shapes into a drawer and a plastic box in my wardrobe.
    Lovely to see you on Saturday! x

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