Vintage Handmade (Part I)

I had a rummage around in my parents’ loft last week. Well, to be more accurate, I sent Andy up there and he came down with a couple of boxes. I don’t go in lofts, that’s where the spiders live. I’d sent him up there to retrieve my Cricket doll because I thought the squishes would like her, but one of the boxes he came down with had some of the dresses my Grandma had made for me.

It was a bit emotional sort of being ambushed with them, but also a nice reminder of happy memories and of my Grandma herself. I thought I’d share some of them with you in a few blog instalments.

(Something I’ve learnt today is that trying to photograph an ivory dress on a magnolia wall is never going to work too well, oops)

Christening dress (front)

This was my Christening dress, and it was made from my Aunt’s wedding dress. I checked with my Mom and she said it was the dress I had for the party afterwards, not my actual Christening gown. (Check me out with my outfit changes!). It’s a bit tricky to see properly, but it’s gathered under the yoke and has a beautiful scalloped hem.

This is the back view:

Christening dress (back)

As you can see, it’s a really simple design but it’s so beautiful. Obviously I have no memories of wearing this (it’s around a 9-12 month kind of size), but I do have this photograph of me with my Grandma, which I love:

I love this photo so much.

I love this photo so much.

I’m so pleased that my parents have kept these things for me. I’m amazed how great the condition is on this considering it’s 30 years old and I definitely used it to dress up my dolls in when I was younger. It just shows you how handmade clothing can be such good quality when made properly. I certainly don’t have any of my shop-bought clothes from that long ago!

It’s a shame this won’t fit Eleanor or Phoebe, but it does fit my Cricket doll, so it’ll live on and I can tell my girls all about how their clever Great-Grandma made it 🙂

Have you got any handmade clothes from when you were younger? Please share!

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