Vintage pattern stash

I’ve mentioned my Grandma a few times before, so if you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that she was awesome and did a lot of sewing.

My Grandma had a sewing room, which was basically the smallest of the three bedrooms they had. It certainly wasn’t as fancy as some of the rooms I’m currently lusting over on Pinterest as it had two bookcases filled with patterns and fabric, an old drop-leaf dining table with her sewing machine on, an ironing board up at all times and a tailor’s dummy. It certainly wasn’t the most beautiful room, but it was the most amazing room because that’s where you’d always find her stitching (or sometimes knitting or cross-stitching) all manner of things.

After she passed away, her things were mostly packed into boxes and the room was cleared out. No one in the family sewed, so no one particularly wanted any of it. Eventually my Grandad gave most of the stuff to my cousin’s sister-in-law and it was forgotten about. Of course, since then I’ve borrowed her old machine, learnt to sew and regretted not being more interested whilst she was still here, so I’ve also regretted not asking for any of her stuff.

There is a happy ending here though… My cousin’s sister-in-law decided that she didn’t want/need my Grandma’s patterns any more so now I have them! (A huge thank to my cousins Jennifer and Melanie for sorting them out for me). I am now the super-proud owner of an absolute tonne of sewing patterns, some of which are older than me I’m sure. I picked them all up and took them over to my Mum’s, where we had a really quick look through them. It was like a trip down memory lane; I remembered quite a few of them from things my Grandma had made for me, my brother or my cousins.

It’s pretty awesome  to think that I can make things for my daughters using the exact same patterns my Grandma used. Some of them even had little things written on them, so it’s like getting some tips from her even though she’s not here. One pattern had ruffles on the bottom of a dress and she’d written “Don’t bother with ruffles!”, this made me laugh as I can just imagine her getting annoyed with them! It was quite emotional seeing all these patterns laid out over my Mum’s dining table, which probably sounds silly, but sewing was a big part of my Grandma’s life; she was forever sewing. (In fact, when she died one of the floral tributes we had for her was in the shape of an old Singer sewing machine).

I haven’t had chance to go through all of the patterns to see exactly what I’ve got yet, but here’s a bit of a preview:

Vintage Patterns 2

Vintage Patterns 1

Pretty awesome huh? Of course there are some patterns that probably won’t see the light of day again (er, shell suit anyone?!) but I’m really looking forward to sewing some of them for myself and the squishes. It’s like a bit of my Grandma living on 🙂

Look out for some updates, I promise to show you anything I make! Anyone else a fan of vintage patterns? I’d love to see your makes!

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2 comments on “Vintage pattern stash
  1. Avatar Elena says:

    So jealous of this amazing collection!

  2. Toria Toria says:

    I’m still not completely sure how many patterns I’ve got! I need to spend an afternoon sorting through them soon 🙂

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